Ticket to the Groove Train


Things are travelling along nicely. I actually think I really motivated myself by writing and re-reading my last blog post, ironically on motivation. duh.

Anyway, I was feeling a little down, and had been sick, but I’ve picked up the pace again and am running pain free. I’m working it out. I’m finding my groove.

Image 1I ran with one of my running mates Dodders last weekend and we both felt TERRIBLE. I have quickly worked out the important thing that everyone keeps saying is true – nutrition is half the battle. I was wasn’t eating smart after a busy few weeks at home with my wife on a full time placement, so a mixture of KFC, fish and chips, store bought pizza, pies, were a staple of the diet for a few weeks. I was running and doing ok km’s, so why in gods name was I feeling soooo bad??  Although you may say it is as plain as the big honker on my face, I finally had (to steal a line from Pulp Fiction), what alcoholics refer to as a “moment of clarity”. I was experiencing the consequences of a bad diet, and I didn’t like it.

So we made changes and began eating better, taking leftovers to work and planning meals so we didn’t get caught short requiring a dinner with minimal preparation, and resorting to takeaway fast food. And immediately I started feeling the benefits. During runs yes, but more importantly my recovery time has slashed meaning I have been able to run further, faster, more often. If I keep this going, I’ll hit my target of 250km for May/June with km’s to spare. Make no mistake, this is both a big and a small step in a long journey, a personal search for hurt.

There can be no progress without sacrifice.

Somewhat importantly, given the title on my blog site, the Melbourne Spartan Sprint is next Saturday, May 31st! Just 7 days away. My team mates Jenny and Tanya have both pulled the plug, which leave me in a team of 1. Although I am disappointed, as I see Spartan as an experience to be shared, I know the camaraderie that exists out there on the course. So I am still sharing this journey; I’m sharing it with fellow Spartans, and with my family, especially my little Spartan Kids who will also be competing, and I’m sharing it with myself. I’m not filled with the anxiety and trepidation I felt the first time I competed.

When I last competed in the Spartan Super in October 2013, it was the end of a long journey. Next week, I am more aware than ever that for me, right now, this is just the beginning…

I got my non refundable ticket to the groove train baby, and although there is no end in sight, I’m not stepping off until the end of the line.

Image 2


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