It’s been a while since my last post. I think the build up to the event and post Roller Coaster Run, it’s been an interesting time. I’ve been good, motivated, sick, pressed for time, sick again, and busy with other things. That’s not great for routine.

I am acutely aware that the journey to greatness is a long road. I’m ready for a long journey but let’s face it, I’m not young any more, and time is not really on my side. My ability to run for achievement and greatness is a limited window, so to reach a level of fitness so that I can hope to come in the top 20% of the field, is narrow. Right now I’m middle of the road, I feel like I’m fading to the back sections of the middle percentiles. That’s not enough to sustain my drive to get up in the morning. Climbing through the ranks is.

The problem I have is, the long road. It’s so long. So, so long. If I get up tomorrow and run, and the next day and the next day, it means NOTHING. If I get up and run consistently for 6 months, THEN we start to achieve something. Then we see the benefits, and we lose weight, and we get faster and stronger and fitter and wiser and more conditioned. But how hard is it?! It is so, so hard.

So I’m here, in a little window of denial, and I’m ready to commit but my legs aren’t doing enough km’s. The excuses are creeping up on me, and I’ve committed to the SRG to run in the Surf Coast Century in September. I want to run a leg to be proud of, of course, and its easy to say that 5 months out. 

Lastly, confession time. My biggest hurdle. By nature, I am a crammer. I have always, through my while life, crammed for exams and did assignments at the last minute. I do things when they have to be done. But for these challenges, there is no cram. You can’t run 100km’s in a week and make up for lost time. You need to run, and build slowly and deliberately, to a plan, or you will fall apart and your body will break. 

So this is why I am a different person now. I don’t know if that change is noticeable to anyone or not, it’s something that messes with my head. However, it has led to me aiming for things outside my comfort zone. To jump into the deep end. Not be afraid any more, and put my favourite past time of procrastination straight where the run don’t shine. But I’m human, and I think from time to time we all doubt ourselves. 

I’m lacking focus right now, but I am hoping that I can find my focus and rhythm again quickly as I have Spartan Sprint in 3 weeks. I want to be able to handle half marathon distances with ease at good pace, then we’ll look at next steps.

I wish I had more time. But I don’t. So I need to make the most of what I have left.

And focus.

If you have taken the time to read this, then I’d like to make a promise – no – a pledge.

I pledge to you, and myself and all I hold dear, that I will run 250km before the end of June at a minimum.

Watch this space. I’ll make it happen.


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