In readiness.

This week, we smash boundaries, we break walls, we grow taller, and we face challenges without fear. Non elite athletes competing in elite events, it’s inspiring. There is no limit except that for which we set for ourselves.

I went running on the weekend, for the first time ever ran alone at Lysterfield Lake. Everyone has there own agenda a week or two before an event, and it’s hard to align all the stars to cater for everyone’s calendar. Understandably, no-one is willing to compromise their preparation a week before they push themselves to their limits that smash the ceiling on what we all thought was possible. 12 months of hard work has now made the impossible possible. I enter Saturday’s Roller Coaster Run, without fear of anything. That’s what excites me the most. I enter without a burden of expectation, without fear of failure, without fear of the hurt. I find myself embracing the thought of the pain that is to come on Saturday; looking forward to looking up at ‘one more climb’ up the mountain when I have nothing left to give, and searching for anything, and giving it. To quote Nike, I choose the path of the most resistance. 


So the report from the run is that I successfully tested my gear, and I’m happy. The toe socks under the compression socks worked fine. The Endura Rehydration Formula Lemon Line in the Geigerrig Hydration bladder worked fine. The gels strapped onto the back of the rig worked fine. The compression top was surprisingly really great to run in, and the Nike tech shorts over the thigh compression Skins were also a winner. The Salomon trail shoes were perfect as always. And for the first time I whacked Vaseline on in a secret area, and copped zero chafing. That’s gotta be a winner 🙂  

My eldest daughter Maddison was clearly impressed when I got back from the run, when she laughed and said how ridiculous I looked! Haha 


So here I am in all my ridiculousness, ready to run a ridiculous half marathon up and down a ridiculous mountain for 21.5 ridiculous km’s.

So what!?!?

Let’s get Ridiculous!!!


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