Entering the Tunnel…

So the hurt has dissipated and I’ve stocked up on ‘equipment’ to ready myself for a new journey. It’s now 11 days until my biggest and most hurtful campaign ever. As dodders would say, this event ‘looms large’ on the calendar, like nothing else I’ve ever known. There is strong feelings of excitement and trepidation, fear and exhilaration, companionship and loneliness. I begin to understand that the RollerCoasterRun is just that, in all aspects. Again, I’m sure I read that in a dodders blog somewhere. I’m intrigued by the ups and downs, I’m mystified. I don’t even know why I’m doing this, I can’t explain it when people ask me. It’s just something that if I need to explain it to you, you would never understand.

So the plan continues to come together. Here is what I have achieved since the last blog:

– I bought some injinji toe socks, which on first try seem a brilliant way to combat blisters and ‘foot fatigue’. I need to try to recommended ‘2 socks’ approach, so the socks rub together and not my skin.

– I bought some thigh length skins to give appropriate compression to the hammies and quads, and they feel sturdy and supportive when I’m running.

– I bought some calf compression race socks, which feel great and certainly offer good support when running. 

– I used a lot of Deep Heat on my calves.

– I washed my Salomon Trial running shoes so they are back to a nice shiny green, good as new.

– I grew a fucking beard. 

I know I can do this.

As John “Hannibal” Smith says on the A Team “I love it when a plan comes together…”



One thought on “Entering the Tunnel…

  1. shanedodman says:

    Mate – you are going to tear this up! The beard is the sealer! We fucking got this!
    Totally agree – can’t explain to people why we do things like this, and people wouldn’t understand if we tried to tell them anyway!

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