Hurting, so so much

In an eye opening launch into the upper limits of madness, I have found out that I can’t do things by halves. I ran for 3 hours from 625 metres elevation to 175 metres elevation, the most difficult trail running event I’ve been involved in by far. The fall out was that I have been unable to walk properly since Saturday when we did it. Its now 3.5 days on since we finished and I might be able to run again after 4-5 days. BUT I will not despair. 

I know I am not the only person to have tight calves, so I have a plan. 

1/ Stretch more. I found this very cool link, I will read and follow and learn.

2/ Cool down properly. Look after yourself! 

I need to buy proper recovery compression gear for my calves, and I need to sit in a bath of cold water after a run. There is a reason the professionals do it. There is NO doubt in my mind that I am under taking what others would deem to be ELITE exercises, but I do not possess an ELITE body.. yet! This means that I need to recover using the same techniques as a professional athlete, maybe with some improvisation… 

3/ Make it a habit. Make everything habitual. Built stamina, strength. 

If this training soreness tells me anything, it’s that I’m on the right track but still not ready, not prepared enough, so keep going, keep moving forward, keep trying.

4/ Don’t take the eyes off the prize. It might hurt like buggery but I will finish the Roller Coaster Run in a damn good time, and I’ll collapse at the finish line knowing I gave it everything I had. I plan on leaving nothing out there.

5/ Although physically stuffed, I’m feel mentally strong. I have a plan, I am not depressed or down on myself for being unable to walk, I’m under no illusions I conquered a mountain last Saturday, and that requires hurting.

Can’t wait to run again. But I’m happy to wait until my body says it’s ok 🙂



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